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Jacie's Kids of Long Island

Helping L.I. Kids with Cancer

Where love knows no boundaries.

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Helping L.I. Kids with Cancer

Where love knows no boundaries.

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About Jacie's Kids

Jacie’s Kids is a Long Island based charity focused on doing a world of good for Long Island children with cancer and their families. Founded in 2002 by Jacie Capuano, the charity began as a loving outreach from one cancer patient to another. While in the hospital for her own treatment for cancer, Jacie looked beyond her struggle to interact with children suffering from the same disease. In them she saw the hope and beauty of their spirit, and dedicated this charity and her life’s work to trying to make the world a little brighter for local children fighting cancer right here on Long Island.

Over the years, the charity has grown and now together with its Board Members continues on in Jacie’s honor, looking to make a difference to some of Long Island’s bravest and youngest souls as they undergo treatment on the way to a cure. We know that charity begins at home. We are looking for people with big hearts, that want to make a difference, in our own Long Island backyard.
Will you join us?

 Read on for ways you can help!

We have several ways to give.

Donations Accepted

One of the things we like to do is to donate money to children and their families, and sometimes we even use the money to buy equipment and games for children to play while they are in the hospital. We have corporate sponsorships and welcome private donations to provide many different ways to make "our" kids smile.

Donate Now.

Give a Gift

Our local kids and their families face a number of financial challenges while undergoing treatment for cancer. We find ways, big and small, to help families, whether that is helping to defray a mortgage payment or treating the child and their family to a day at a local park or museum.

Give a gift.


We know people want to help, but may have different time constraints. We welcome any gift of time you are willing to give and offer a wide range of volunteer opportunities, from working a single event, to becoming a committee chair, or just sharing our information on social media with colleagues and friends.



We are a 501C3, and currently entirely volunteer-driven, so every dollar you donate goes to help local Long Island children that are fighting childhood cancer.

We appreciate your willingness to help! Please feel free to make a donation of ANY size and if you would like to be a corporate sponsor or make a donation in honor of a loved one, we’ll give you a shout out and big smiles from “our” kids as a way to say thank you!

We have multiple ways to give.  Thank you in advance for your kindness and generosity!

Jacie’s Kids is proud to help these great organizations care for Long Island children battling life-threatening diseases.

Our Featured Kids

Helping to Make Ends Meet

This sweet young lady (center) and her family found themselves going for cancer treatments 5x a week and with each visit had a $50 deductible. Adding to this was parking fees and soon the costs of on-going care, became burdensome. Your loving donations helped minimize this financial hardship so they could concentrate on getting this beauty back on her feet and well.

Helping to make ends meet is one of the ways that Jacie’s Kids tries to help support Long Island kids and their families fight cancer and cope with the tremendous expenses that are part and parcel of going through treatment.  

Your donation, of any size, can go to help kids just like this one have less stress knowing her family can better afford her treatment. 

For the love of family...

Lots of hugs, snuggles and thanks to all of our donors for making this young boy and his family’s life a bit easier. Originally a patient at St. Judes, your support provided him and his parents additional financial assistance support while he continued out-patient treatment for his brain tumor. Thank you donors!

We are all about helping families help the kids that are struggling with cancer treatment.  Whether donations are used to purchase airline tickets to come stay with a sick child or grandchild, or used for other family activities that bring a smile to the face of a child that is in the middle of treatment, we love to do what ever our donations allow us to do for these courageous families!

Dancing for a Cure

This beautiful ballerina faced her cancer battle head on with the determination to overcome the amputation of her leg to dance again. She is currently pursuing her passion and dancing as she continues to heal from her surgeries and the ravages of treatment. Always a ray of sunshine, she is a force to be reckoned with on and off the dance floor. Thank you for all you’ve done donors to help us, help Delaney.

See Delaney’s story on News 12 here.

If  you are inspired by Delaney’s story and would like to find a way to find other incredible kids like her, your Corporate Sponsorship or personal donation would be so appreciated.  For more information, be sure to check out our Sponsor & Volunteer page or make a donation using the buttons on the top left of the home page. 


Helping families in their time of need.

New in town after moving from Ohio, this family got devastating news that this little boy had cancer. With their family out west, and no real support group on Long Island, Jacie’s Kids was a welcome friend in providing some financial support to help them during their time of need. Thank you Long Island!

Being surrounded by people that love you and that can make you laugh is a sure fire way to keep our little cancer patients in smiles and a better frame of mind to face treatment.  Your donations ca help us, help them find this time with loved ones.  Would you consider donating today? 


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How would you like to join our list of generous sponsors and be featured on the Jacie’s Kids website? Show Long Island kids you care and ask about becoming a sponsor today.

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